Kea island is serviced through the port of Lavrio. The ferry takes 1 hour to cross the 17 nautical miles to/from the port of Kea, Korissia. Lavrio port is located at the southwest of Attica peninsula. The distance from Lavrio to the Athens International Airport is 37km, a 20 min car ride. The distance from Lavrio to Athens center is 60km, a 50 min car ride.

The plots are on the main road connecting the port & Ioulis (Chora) with Vroskopos. It is a 15min drive from the port Korissia, a distance of 6km. From the plot to Ioulis the distance is 8km and takes 15 min to get there (the road is better). To reach Vroskopos you need about 9 min to cover the 4km distance. The closest beach is Kalamitsi 2.8km away. Currently you will need an SUV to get to Kalamitsi.